It has 449 powerful words...

It's dog-eared, and...

Quite frankly, it resembles something you'd send to a long lost pen pal.

However, can your business rely on such a letter to outperform your most profitable marketing campaign to date?

Allow Alvin time to review your existing letter and he'll likely say, YES. And, because he's biased, you'll get a detailed "NSL Discovery Report" that'll give solid reasons why your existing letter is stunting your businesses growth. Then, the report will focus on how we can claw-back lost profits with your very own Naked Sales Letter. 

Can such a letter make your fiercest competitor hate your business?

YES, because the wrong words on paper have had the power to edge men to warIn fact, just 1 of the NSL's 8-step formula will allow you to outsmart your competition from the very first sentence. 

Can your business rely on such a letter to make B2B decision makers act within 72 hours?

If you've read Alvin's book, you'll be quick to say, YES.

That's because...

The original “Reclusive Billionaire Letter” examined in his book shows exactly how it was done with 449 words, which is nothing new.

Few realise that some of the world’s most respected businesses were built on letters with a similar winning formula.

Total strangers were...

Stimulated to frenzied action in droves.

Fancy doing the same for your business?

It may not be possible but let's give it a shot.

Firstly, it starts with a now mandatory $297 (refundable) "NSL Discovery Consult." 

It takes more than just a well written letter to achieve breakthrough results. This consult will set the foundation for creating the most powerful marketing piece that your prospects will have read in their industry.    

If $297 eats away at much of your expected profit, we’re probably not a good fit yet.

On the other hand, if you've always had a hunch that you could get more from your existing marketing budget, we'll likely agree.

This planning stage is critical

Here's what your initial $297 investment gets you:

1.) 30 minute NSL Discovery Consult (refundable) with Alvin.
2.) Alvin's analysis of exactly how he can boost lead generation and sales in his 2-4 page NSL Discovery Report.
3.) 15-minute follow-up call.
4.) Possible date for Alvin to write your NSL from scratch.

If you’re already profitable, this NSL Consult will allow Alvin to set aside time to speak with you personally. If he can’t help boost your conversions, you'll get a full $297 refund.

This option is best for business owners and marketing chiefs who would like a.) Alvin to analyse their business and explore the possibilities of where The NSL Method will have the most impact in their business, or b.) Hire Alvin to write their NSL from scratch.

The 2-4 page NSL Discovery Report will present a detailed plan on how the NSL's 8-step formula will unblock the way to more profits.

The next step will be to review the report with a partner, marketing director or any other direct response copywriter. 

Then, your in-house team can either implement Alvin's suggestions to gain more market share or you could explore the possibilities of hiring Alvin to go on and write for you.

It all starts with your first NSL Discovery Consult - book it here.

Should marketing agencies profit before you do?


If Alvin is fully booked, you can discover the NSL formula in the book instead…

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