Stoned to death for better conversion rates…

So Jesus’ apostles are outnumbered and about to make a dangerous stand.

The judges of the Sanhedrin are fuming, frothing at the mouth with rage!


Because the high priest Joseph Caiaphas had previously warned them…

“We positively ordered YOU not to keep teaching upon the basis of this name, (Jesus) and yet, look! YOU have filled Jerusalem with YOUR teaching, and YOU are determined to bring the blood of this man upon us.”


STOP PREACHING lads or you’re toast.

However, were the apostles prepared to disobey their supreme commander’s divine command to preach until he himself says stop?

Well, you know early Christian history.

Instead of the apostles wilting in the heat of persecution the early Christian congregation F.L.O.U.R.I.S.H.E.D.

Whether stoned to death or imprisoned on trumped up charges the foundation of Christianity was set hard with a mixing agent called persecution.

Similarly today, even though direct response marketing (DRM) has scrolls upon scrolls of positive results, eyewitness accounts of companies resurrected from death, a Sanhedrin minority still persecute’s DRM’s humble principles.

Miracles like Joe Sugarman breathing Direct Response Life into a the bombed-out NASA project that quickly became BluBlocker®, selling over 20 million pairs of sunglasses throughout the world is just one of many success stories.

How did Richard Branson (Virgin Media) enter the home of over 4.4 million Europeans and turn them into rabid customers overnight?

How did he turn his initial $1 billion risk capital into a $23.3bn pay day when he sold Virgin Media in 2013?

Well, if like me, you receive marketing material from Virgin, you’ll smell direct response marketing on each and every mailing.

But this still baffles me:

How can advertising pro’s ignore the results that DRM delivers? (Shame on any service provider that holds back the best from his paying client.)

Could this phenomenon have something to do with the words of a marketing legend?

“Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.” -David Ogilvy

And that’s not all David Ogilvy said about “Advertising people.”

To me, these DRM critics are blinded by the truth it delivers…

Measurable results.

Instead of embrace the transparency of “measurable results,” they fear it with a passion. I know, a crazy thought.

They then position themselves as the Sanhedrin of marketing with big speech, “hit n miss” campaigns that serve clever wit, pumping ego all wrapped up in a cloud of immeasurable fog.

On the other hand, Jesus’ Direct Response Apostles reach the hearts of their audience by mingling with lepers… understanding the real woman behind a troubled prostitute… empathising with the common (best) prospect in their industry, the life blood of any businesses.

Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely believe there is a place for “some” of David Ogilvy’s “Advertising people”, it’s just not the place if you have warehouse choc-full of stock that needs shifting quickly, cheaply and repeatedly.

Yes, these “Advertising people” have had many successful campaigns and will continue to do so, but here’s the kicker:

How much more of a result would they have achieved with a Direct Response Marketing Rocket strapped to the back of each campaign? (Ouch, best bury that thought.)

But before you do that, let’s nail this coffin shut.

That’s because DRM critics are still unable to explain…

•    Why we’re seeing direct response principles creeping into more and more “Advertising people’s” ads.

•    Why these specific ads are registering big digit response rates.

•    Why these “born-again campaigns” are suddenly generating more targeted leads, super-loyal followers and excited shareholders than ever before.

If you’d like your business to fit this description, it can be achieved in 2 simple steps:

1.    Beware of David Ogilvy’s “Advertising people” (the Sanhedrin)
2.    Send me an email. If I’m fully booked, I’ll point you to a fellow DRM Apostle who will put his neck on the line to greatly improve your conversion rates.