Scumbag’s Pilfering Your Profits?

When I was a young bucking stallion (many moons ago), my good friend asked me this question…

“Why do good girls fall for scumbags?”

Now, I’d like to pose a related question…

Ever wonder why inferior products sell like crazy – while your business, with a better product struggles to meet cash flow?

The answer to both questions is strikingly similar.

First, I’m qualified to use the term scumbag because my cousin fits the bill.

Boy oh boy, I pity the number of daughters he destroyed.

But something about him kept respectable girls, from good homes lining-up.


To me, it was his…


He was confident, adventurous, witty, charming, very moody, extremely aggressive and the rest.

Say what!?

Let’s just call it… Scumbag Science.

Fact is, the scumbag’s subliminal positioning worked extremely well for him, (in the short term.)

Girls that thought they had a husband, fell head over heels for a hustler:

“Some women love men with unconventional traits. Not only do these traits make them attractive, it also makes them more sexually appealing. Women get the feeling that these ‘macho’ men can satisfy them better than the usual, run-of-the-mill kind of men will be able to,” – says clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany.

According to Seema, “these kind of men give women an adrenaline rush.”

What rush does your product offer prospects?

Does your “best prospect” get excited about your product or is your message trying to please everyone?

Think about that for a second.

At the time, my friends POSITIONING was invisible to us all, hard-wired engineering, yet its pulling power was at work with amazing effectiveness.

This stealth morse code got him exactly what he wanted, when he wanted, with little effort.

Is a competitor stealing your profits?

How on-target is your positioning?

Think about it this way:

If your competitor has an inferior product, yet outsells you, what’s their secret?

Are they saying something to your market that you’ve missed entirely?

If I say Rolls-Royce, you will not receive a fuzzy message that feels KIA.

You instantly picture luxury, prestige and then you say…

“I want one”. (Even if it’s unaffordable)

What do your best prospects say when they hear your products name?

You see, before my writing persuades more of your best prospects to say…

“I want one”…

…We will spend time discussing your products positioning.

After all, nobody wants their best prospects falling prey to a competitor’s inferior product, when it can be avoided.

The harsh truth:

Businesses that leave their positioning to chance often blame their demise on everything else but positioning.

Positioning is super-critical to the success of any sales message, especially for projects that A-List copywriters accept to write.

I’d have no problem passing on a project because of weak positioning. And if you attempt to position a product as something it’s not, the best-written copy will prove to be nothing but a life support machine with a dodgy fuse.

However, nail your positioning to the bull’s-eye of your market and you won’t need me.

That’s because mediocre sales copy will generate decent conversions.

Then again, you’d better believe that copy like what you’re reading now, will do its job handsomely.