Outsmart NASA for Profit…

Joe Sugarman was no average passenger.

He may not have been in control of the vehicle but his creative juices were about to explode.

In fact, if the car had one, he would’ve mistakenly activated its rocket-propelled ejection seat.

That’s because Joe is a master of what we spoke about last…

The power of POSITIONING.

You see, the space race was on in the early 80’s.

And a sunglasses manufacturer in California came up with a novel technology to protect the eyes of astronauts from both blue and UV rays.

Great idea.

A blinded Neil Armstrong may still be on the moon today.

That said, while the NASA sunglasses firm had their eyes fixed on 8 planets, 173 moons and an innumerable number of stars… Joe Sugarman focused his entrepreneurial sight on the planet that housed his bank account.

To be fair, that didn’t stop the sales rep from noticing that Joe was squinting as they drove along in the blazing LA sun. He kindly offered Joe a pair of the NASA sunglasses.

When Joe put them on, he was squint-free and amazed at how clear his vision became.

Joe was sold in an instant… he wanted to buy a pair.

However, he couldn’t, remember, these beauties were only made for astronauts.

Perfect positioning, right?

Well, you decide.

The company making the sunglasses were about to go bust, doors closing forever. Mr. sale’s rep would soon be out of a job and a company car.

Now, Joe may not have been an astronaut but he was a Direct Response Expert with a spark of genius.

Boom, it happened.

Joe quickly imagined re-positioning this exciting product.

Then, he imagined making it widely available for sale to the public, not just 13 brave souls harnessed to a space shuttle.

He bought the bombed-out sunglasses business and then transformed it to the BluBlocker® brand that soon went ballistic… selling over 20 million pairs of sunglasses, and some.

How did he do it?

He implemented every principle he knew about direct response marketing, without an astronaut in sight.

Joe had to strap his seatbelt on tight because BluBlocker’s ® took his profits to the moon.

Similarly, are you sitting on a product that could be re-positioned for a deserved acceleration in profits?

Is your new product launch perfectly POSITIONED for lift-off?

As I write this, if you’re new to direct response marketing, I’m genuinely excited for you.

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If you’re a successful business owner or chief marketing-gun new to direct response…

… Test it for yourself.

In my humble opinion, there is no other form of marketing that has the guts to take your business’s profits further than they’ve ever been before – cheaper than a traditional slick ad agency.

Yes, friends, the power of direct response can be yours, even if you’re business is about to go bust.

If you’re quick, I can show you how.



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