Viagra, $7 per dose...

(sorry, sold out)

They’re persistent.

They’re annoying. And...

They’re in your email inbox.

With 265 million emails sent every 60 seconds, the reality is, spammers are still able to...

Get emails ripped open for profit.

What's this got to do with boosting profits with email for our legitimate businesses?

Well, can we learn anything from... Viagra Email Terrorism?

The undeniable truth is this:

“It’s simple economics... we will see the end of spam when people stop responding to it.” - Jamie Tomasello, Cloudmark

And this should trouble you as much as it does me.

Spammers understand email far better than most B2B operators. (Try reporting that to fully invested shareholders at an annual general meeting.) At one time this included me. 

That said, you're reading this page because I assume we think the same...

Reaching our clients with email is business-critical.

You see, every email I send should contribute to boosting my profits. Otherwise, why send it?

Even though email is still grossly underutilised in B2B marketing, I've proved it to be one of the cheapest and most effective forms of marketing in my industry. If you use it right, it'll be the same for yours too.

I don't know about you, but I dread the thought of my best prospect skipping over my email on a Monday morning, to...

Click his way to a $7 spam bargain, instead

(Take me out back and shoot me now.)

Also, with competitors taking email more seriously, I can’t afford to be found sleeping on the wheel. And even though I don’t believe everything science says, I trust this finding implicitly:

“People’s attention spans are dwindling.”

Then comes along another boffin with even better news for marketers and parents:

"The addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an attention span of nine seconds - the same as a goldfish." - BBC News 

Try telling my 15 year old daughter to put her mobile phone down... just until it rings!

What’s more, when slow moving, big budget businesses complain of falling CTR and open rates, I don’t laugh at their writers, I pay close attention.

You probably feel the same. (If not, you're a goldfish and reading any further will kill you.)

It's time to start an ongoing conversation with your best prospects using the power of...


Alvin's email writing will resurrect lapsed subscribers and help you to claim email authority in your market.

If you accept, his writing will focus on boosting the only element that your investors and shareholders really care about – SALES.

And he’ll do this by applying the 8-step NSL formula to connect deeply with each person reading your emails.

In fact, many aren't aware that the NSL's “Inspirational Diversion to Action” technique that’s been so effective when writing sales letters was discovered while writing email subject lines.

It was then that Alvin proved it's power to get attention.

And if you've read his book, its the same technique used to get a positive response from high profile prospects usually out of your reach. In this particular example, it took two words that meant the world to a London based tycoon, which then allowed Alvin to speak with him on the phone like they knew each other in a previous life.

You can do the same in your industry.

Alvin will help your prospects look forward to receiving your engaging emails, even if you can't think of what to say in these emails now.

Your business is sitting on rich fodder that can be used to create powerful email's every single day of the week - why not use it to profit?

Because the sole purpose of Alvin’s NAKED Email writing is to engage your subscribers in email conversation like never before.

This will boost open rates, drive CTR’s through the roof, as your email campaigns contribute positively to your profits.

In a world of hot air, whatever you do, don't decide on Alvin now.

Firstly, download The Naked Sales Letter book, and then judge Alvin's emails for yourself.

When you're satisfied, feel free to contact him and discuss how he can start writing your emails.


Should marketing agencies profit before you do?

(* Spammers shot on-site)

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