Don’t read this if your wife is closeby…


If she does read this, you’ll struggle to win an argument with her ever again.

She will do to you what businesses fail to do in their own marketing.

Break down buyer resistance with finesse.

If you’ve read The Naked Sales Letter book by now, you would’ve come across the Discover and Conquer Technique.

It’s an extremely effective way to make people come around to your way of thinking, quickly.

Here’s how my wife Myrtle used it on me (like a true pro) and then shut me right up.

Once upon a recent time we were both walking through our garden to the front door.

My wife decided to point out the new roses she had planted. The problem is
they were yellow, and I prefer red roses.

“Why did you plant yellow roses, yellow, why yellow!? blah blah blah….” I said.

Myrtle remained composed.

And I continued, “Frothing at the mouth, yellow… blah blah blah…”

Myrtle remained composed, timing and measuring her prey.

And then, Myrtle (attacked) said the following:

“I planted yellow roses because they are the same colour as your rally car.”


I was stum.


From blabbering fool I turned all-gooey.

Did you notice what dear wife was able to do?

She flipped my emotions in an instant, from stupid anger to can I marry you again please baby.

Myrtle received a huge hug, then (more importantly) I asked if she knows what the Discovery & Conquer Technique is.

“The what!?” she said.

You see, I was a rally driver.

And the first car I ever built from scratch was a VW Golf GTI 2.0 Litre.

Guess what colour it was?

Yes, yellow.

I almost died in it a few time but it was my baby.

And that period of time yielded some of the best times and created some of the best memories in our life together. Myrtle and I had just met and boy, we had an absolute blast.

But the point is Myrtle captured all those emotions we shared in one statement by flipping my emotions at the right time, winning me over:

“I planted yellow roses because they are the same colour as your rally car.”

That’s the Discovery and Conquer Technique in action.

In one fell swoop Myrtle broke down my barriers to not liking yellow roses
by linking them to a special time in our life.

She applied her deep knowledge of me to get what she fancied, yellow roses.

That said, I now look at those yellow roses very differently, they get my respect and I water them with pleasure.

You can do the same to break down buyer resistance in your sales communications.

In the book, I did the same with the Reclusive Billionaire Letter.

He made a $12 million purchase of something that was super special to him. However, a small minority did not want him to own it.

I referred to it in the letter as a way to tap into his emotions, get his attention and prove that I took the time to understand him so I’m not about to waste his time.

It worked.

When he responded to his Naked Sales Letter by calling me, we spoke for over 15 minutes as he felt comfortable revealing sensitive info about this highly controversial purchase.

If you haven’t already read the full story in the book, download it now and go straight to page 38.

It will reveal how you can use the Discovery and Conquer Technique in your sales communications to break down resistance with decision makers, and then, go on to boost engagement, increase conversions as your sales curve adjusts accordingly.