"Purge this Menace...!"

Then, stand back and watch your conversion rate soar.

As this NSL Copy Critique unblocks the way to more profits, from as many new accounts as your business can handle.

It's great to see that you don't underestimate this divine truth:

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” ― Rudyard Kipling

This critique will ensure that the most lucrative “words and phrases” in your industry aren't missing on your sales letters, proposals, case studies, websites, emails, ads and direct mail packages.

Instead, they’ll repel tyre kickers and attract prospects with the greatest chance of growing your sales.

But if you’re sensitive to long-held beliefs of B2B copywriting being challenged, then this critique is not for you.

There will be hard short-term decisions to make that your partners may not agree with.

However, in the best interest of your business, convince them to test the findings, and then allow the conversion rate to have the final word.

If this is your first critique, remember this:

Alvin doesn't need to know your business as well as you do to make your copy sing.

First, the critique will purge...

Fruitless words that
proliferate B2B marketing

The menace responsible for wrecked sales forecasts, spiralling ad spend and your marketing team having to wade through the crushing feeling of defeat.

Indeed, a marketing campaign sinks or swims by the pulling power of its copy.

Therefore, Alvin will not focus on just fixing your AIDA formula.

Although Attention, Interest, Desire and Action is time-tested and very effective, your fiercest competitor is likely running it as we speak.

Why get a bloody nose going head-to-head?

There’s a cheaper way to outsmart them.

Furthermore, there’s a good chance Alvin will not focus on your letters headline.

That's because your conversion rate could increase exponentially without a headline, even though many businesses pay copywriters top dollar to deliver headlines.

Interestingly, Page 38 of Alvin's book offers a powerful alternative to the traditional headline. It's delivering results in B2B sales letters across the country. Could it work for your business?

He will not focus on a hypey selling style that comes across  sleazy. That's because The Wall Street Journal proved its possible to generate $2 billion in revenue from “attracting,” selling with finesse.

Neither will Alvin focus on “beefing up your call to action,” when a slim, scribbled version could work just fine, like it did for “The Reclusive Billionaire Letter” analysed in his book.

What then, will he do for a $500 NSL Copy Critique?

He will focus on getting your letter to read as if it’s going to a long-lost...

Pen Pal

This approach may seem radical, but you didn't get to where you are today by “copy and pasting” what the neighbours do.

The NSL Method has the potential to accomplish breakthrough results by making it extremely difficult for your prospects to refuse your offer.

Alvin’s critique will focus on giving your sales message (upto 900 words) the same horsepower behind The Naked Sales Letter:

Pattern Interrupt, Discovery and Conquer, High Octane Story,
Inspirational Diversion to Action.

That’s because there’s a science to making a decision maker nod in agreement all the way to your call to action.

Like it did for a well-known British billionaire.

When he received a Naked Sales Letter, it tickled his curiosity (in 493 words) so much that, in order to scratch the itch, he did what was asked of him - make a simple phone call.

Within 72 hours, he converted into a high profile lead for one of my businesses.

What would it mean for your annual profit if more of your best prospects took immediate action when asked?

As you imagine the possibilities, book your NSL Copy Critique to discover what Alvin would do different to boost your conversion rate.

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