Get evasive decision makers calling you back first, (so marketing feels like a highly profitable investment) ...

Hi, I'm Alvin, a direct response copywriter from London.

Recently a client came to me with a unique problem.

His family inherited an emerald mine worth millions, but they struggled for years to find a suitable buyer to develop it – putting the licence at risk of being seized by government.

I took one look at their proposal letters and immediately knew why they had not yet struck a deal. I had to write a new version for them using what’s come to be known as - The Naked Sales Letter.

Within 14 days of the new proposal being sent, their terms were met to a tee.

The family were stunned...

“Alvin, it worked... we've just signed the agreement.”

However, I wasn't surprised because 99.95% of business-to-business communication speaks robot, while a decision maker’s attention is grabbed by a stranger on Facebook... which is a shame.

The Naked Sales Letter connects your sales message the same way people talk and think and connect in real life. It uses the power of your natural voice because that’s proven to be the best way to get decision makers nodding YES, all the way to your order page.

The 8-principal elements of each NSL takes the industry standard AIDA formula to the next level... changing B2B marketing rules for selling anything from pencil sharpeners to emerald mines.

Today, more and more business owners agree with Alvin - “there’s a science to creating a winning message over and over again.” And to stay ahead of the pack they now deploy The Naked Sales Letter to stimulate demand for their products... rapidly increase sales... as they watch profits soar.

As you sit there wondering if The Naked Sales Letter can really outsell your previous promotions let me show you an example (I've never revealed before) of how it will be done – just download the book and go straight to Page 10 "The Reclusive Billionaire Letter".

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